Yuhan Su

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Yuhan Su

We proudly support our KAT artist, Yuhan Su. She is a New York-based percussionist, and composer.

1. Which KAT instrument do you play? How many octaves?

I play the malletKAT 7KS with 3 Octaves.

2. How long have you been playing it?

6 years.

3. What do you like about it?

I like malletKAT that can create unique sounds of your own. I usually play it with effect pedals and that allow me to tap into different ground that I didn’t get to explore when I play acoustic vibraphone.

4. Can I hear more about effect pedals?

I use loop station, delay, destortion, volume pedal, etc pedals connecting to malletKAT. I think it fulfills my dream to play like a guitarist, like pitch bending or creating a soundscape, setting up a groove. So I play more experimental and improvising music with this instrument.


With malletKAT, you can even be a guitarist.