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We proudly support our KAT artist, TAKOMO. They are a very popular Finland-based percussionists, who incorporate malletKAT in pop music context.

1. Which KAT instrument do you play? How many octaves?

We use two malletKATs in our live rig. Juho uses a 4 octave malletKAT Grand and Mikko plays with 3 octave malletKAT Pro KS.

2. How long have you been playing it?

We have been using malletKATs live since 2013.

3. What do you like about it?

malletKAT is adaptive midi-controller. Parameters and commands are easy to edit even on the fly. The many possibilities in tweaking the midi-settings and storing them in different “patches” really makes malletKAT stand out. It’s an unique way to play electronic basslines and leads alive!

4. Are you planning to use the instrument for live performance soon? What is it going to be?

We use our KATs live all the time! Next time we are using them at an international opening ceremony at Finlandia-Hall in Helsinki, Finland.

malletKAT is not just a MIDI marimba. It is way more than that.