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Steve Joslin

We proudly support our KAT artist, Steve Joslin. He is currently working towards a DMA in Performance of Data-Driven Instruments at the University of Oregon. He BUILDS custom interfaces (and compositions) for live performance.

1. Which KAT instrument do you play? How many octaves?

malletKat Pro 4 octave. I use a Keith Mc Millen SoftStep and 2 Roland EXP pedals. MIDIKiti Pro (x2) for trigger inputs. 2 FatKat pedals.

2. How long have you been playing it?

Playing drums/percussion for 37 years. Playing MalletKat Pro SINCE IT WAS RELEASED.

3. What do you like about it?

KAT products were made for me. They offer so many creative possibilities with their many performance modes. I especially love the hang mode as well as the multi modes from the MIDI Kiti Pro.

4. How do you use hang mode and multi mode?

Transmutation is a piece I wrote a few years ago. I created a custom instrument in Kontakt that layers several sounds based on dynamics and chord selection. This pairing of controller and custom instrument is an example of something that is not possible without the malletKat.

I am building a new software instrument to be played from the malletKat. The sounds for this instrument were taken from samples of HydroFlask (dual chamber) water bottles. I filled each bottle with differing amounts of water to set a pitch, then sampled each one. My goal is to lay these samples out over the keyboard and modify them through dynamics and chord positioning. Here is a “fun” version of this played directly from the tuned bottles. (Video Here)

malletKAT allows you to explore new sounds, and new music.