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Richard Moore malletKAT

We interviewed Richard Moore, who plays various styles of music. 

He has been playing the malletKAT Grand  (4 octaves) for 3 years. He likes its versatility and Kurzweill sounds. He aslo mentioned that malletKAT can saves on space, and heve good midi options.

1. Would you recommend other musicians to buy malletKAT?

I would recommend the malletKat to other percussionists because the Kurzweil sounds are top tier. It's versatile and the sounds are convincing. It also saves on carting a whole bunch of instruments to the gig.

2. What is the unique thing you are doing with malletKAT?

I use the malletkat in a big band (OTR Big Band) since I need vibraphone patches, xylophone, and Rhodes keyboard sounds in the band. For music theatre I use the malletkat for timpani, xylophone, tam tam, glockenspiel, chimes, and vibraphone sounds.

3. Do you like the service of Alternate Mode?

Alternate Mode has been great and they gave me competitive pricing on my malletkat Grand

4. What is the reaction from the people around you?

People around me are blown away with how real the sounds are. 

5. Why 4 octaves?

I like the 4 octaves for the marimba range. I can switch octaves to get the the low octave of a 5 octave marimba, which is very useful for me.

6. Which internal sounds do you use?

The sounds I use mostly are all the orchestral sounds, marimba, vibraphone, and some of the piano sounds.