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Mario DeCiutiis

Mario DeCiutiis is the owner Alternate Mode and has been making KAT instruments since 1984.

I believe that staying in touch with my playing roots helps me make better products because I really know what's needed. I don't need a marketing survey about a product, I already know. Playing a gig like Radio City Music Hall really cuts into Alternate Mode time, but it's too important a gig to let go. Working there was like getting a master's degree in performance because of the wide range of music we were hired to play. For the first 28 years, it was all acoustic percussion. Now, they are using malletKATs, panKATs, drumKATs, Receptors and Mac laptops for percussion. The orchestra continues to be a learning tool for me as well as a great playing experience.

--quoted from Digital Drummer Magazine, February 2014


Mario can be seen demonstrating on YouTube demonstrating the jamKAT and the jamKAT'R - Alternate Mode's newest KAT instruments.


jamKAT Playlist: