Jean-Michel Davis

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Jean-Michel Davis

We are honored to feature a vibraphone virtuoso Jean-Michel Davis. Let us hear why he chose to play the malletKAT?

1. Which malletKAt do you play?

I play the malletKAT KS Pro (3 oct.)

2. How long have you been playing it?

It has been 3 years.

3. What do you like about your malletKAT?

I like the practicality of the instrument. The Kurzweil sounds are great for what i do which is mainstream jazz. The following video was taken at TSF radio station  for a an  interview regarding my latest CD Vibraphone Jazz; we played one tune in the small studio. I took the Kat to the radio because i had a gig at night and my acoustic instruments where already set in the club.

4.Which vibe sound among the KS sound do you recommend to the others? Do you use any other sound for jazz?

I like to use the "Vibe Dream" vibraphone sound and also the "Rich Marimba" and "New Marimba" sounds when i play jazz . I also use other sounds if necessary for a different type of project: timpani, cymbal, bass drum, conga sounds, they are all great.


(photo by Cyril Isy Schwart)