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Enrique Castro

We found one of the our intercontinentally active KAT artists Enrique Castro is doing a cool collaboration with a musician from Norway. Let us how he used our malletKAT for the recording.

1. Which malletKAT have you been playing?

I have been playing the malletKAT Grand (4 oct.) since 2009 

2. What do you like about them?

It is easy to travel, portable, professional, and original. They work great for every gig. 

3. For Language of Clouds, what sounds did you play on malletKAT? 

I played the external sounds of pianos, marimbas, vibes from main stage Logic.

4. How did you record it for the "Dawn"?

I recorded MIDI signals. I used great sounds from Broen Studio in Bergen.

5. What was the reaction of the other musicians such as sound engineer and Ms. Linn Kathrin Taklo?

They love it, original and fun to be colaborating.

malletKAT connects musicians even over an ocean.