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Bernard Maseli

Bernard Maseli started his professional career back in 1985 during the “Jazz nad Odrą” festival, where playing with „Walk Away” he won his first solo award while the band was awarded the first prize in its category. He recorded ten albums with „Walk Away” and took part in all the greatest jazz festivals in his native Poland and abroad, including four appearances at the „Jazz Jamboree” in Warsaw, „Jak-Jazz” in Indonesia, massive tours with Urszula Dudziak and a tour supporting the legendary trumpet player – Miles Davis.

He collaborated in 1985-87 with a band called ‘YOUNG POWER’, and recorded two albums. In 1992 Bernard set up the ‘BACK IN’ duo with pianist Zbigniew Jakubek with whom he also recorded two albums. Since 1995 he has been collaborating with Krzysztof Ścierański – a distinguished bass player (first as ‘MUSIC PAINTERS” trio including drummer Jose Torres, and recently as the ‘BIG 2” duo). He has also been a successful music producer for the last few years. He has so far produced “Tylko Chopin” by Lora Szafran, “Melodies” by Anna Serafińska, “Colors” by the band “Colors” and all consecutive albums by “THE GLOBTROTTERS”.  

Bernard Maseli has been the undisputed number one vibraphone player according to the “Jazz Top” survey for “Jazz Forum” magazine for the past 24 years, where he also holds a strong position as a composer and arranger. For the last 24 years he has also been a lecturer in  Jazz and Pop Department at Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice.

Back in 1999, together with saxophonist Jerzy Główczewski and vocalist Kuba Badach, Bernard created his first own project called “THE GLOBTROTTERS’. In a short period of time the band gained big popularity and a steady fan base, which resulted in the recording of four successful albums and almost 500 live show so far as well as a cooperation with a star among drummers -  Nippy Noya (Indonesia). Since 2006, together with Krzysztof Ścierański, Marek Raduli and Paul Vertico, he is a member of the ‘COLORS’ formation. 

In 2004 he started a cooperation with a distinguished music composer – Zbigniew Preisner who a few years later, in 2007 invited him to take part in the recording of the “Silence, Night and Dreams” album. The recording included stars like Teresa Salgueiro-voc, Lars Danielsson-bass, John Parricelli-guit among others. The promoting tour covered such prestigious stages as the Herodes Atticus amphitheater on the Acropolis in Athens where in 2007, in front of a 4,000 audience, the album had its world premiere.  In 2009 Bernard also started his own innovative solo project called ‘DIARY’, where he explores to the maximum most of the achievements in modern electronics. 

In 2001 as one of the sparse Polish jazz musicians he got invited to cooperate with an American quartet headed by the famous guitar player Dean Brown (Dean Brown, Marvin „Smitty” Smith, Hadrien Feraud, Bernard Maseli) and participated in their concert tour round Europe and Japan where they received an enthusiastic welcome.  The band performed at the legendary “Cotton Club” among others.  Together with Dean Brown he also recorded  the “Unfinished Business” album. In 2012 Bernard established his next formation – “MaBaSo Trio”.

Over the years Bernard Maseli collaborated with such musicians as Urszula Dudziak, Michał Urbaniak, Mino Cinelu, Nippy Noya, Bill Bruford, Dean Brown, Mike Stern, Frank Gambale, David Fiuczyński, Eric Marienthal, Bob Malach ,Bill Evans, Matthew Garrison, Manou Gallo, Paco Sery, Dave Samuels, Victor Mendoza, Marvin „Smitty” Smith, Hadrien Feraud, Ewa Bem, Lora Szafran, Anna Maria Jopek, Grzegorz Skawinski, Mieczysław Szcześniak and many others. He is the author of numerous compositions and arrangements (including radio productions) and has recorded over seventy albums to date.