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Adam @ Tama

Interview with Adam@Tama who arranges and performs the songs of anime, such as "Idol Master". As a amateur musician who loves electronic instruments, he seess malletKAT in this way.

1. Which malletKAT do you play?

I play the malletKAT Grand. I got that on January 2012. So it has been 5 years.

2. What do you like about malletKAT?

I personally like electronic instruments, and I own various kinds of them. This can be said to most of electronic instruments, but I like the possibility and creativity of them.

Especially, malletKAT is an interface shaped as PERCUSSION. I like that I can play various sounds such as the marimba, xylophne, glockenspiel with one machine. For arranging and composing, I often use the preset sound, vibraphone. It is my favorite.

In addition to that, I sometimes play multiple parts by myself, because I can change the sounds. 5 octaves malletKAT pro Grand with expander allow me more expression. Especially, it is difficult to produce lower sounds with normal instruments.

3. What is your next performance opportunity?

Recently, as a member of "Imas Producers Band Kansai", I play the malletKAT pro Grand. It is a gathering of people who play songs from the anime/game "Idol Master". You can see the detail from Twitter (@imas_PB_Kansai)

I am also managing a group, called "product-EDW". For a fan conventions, I published CDs. Next time would be Comic Market 92.

malletKAT is for everyone who loves music.